Restaurant Story

This is a Michelin Star ‘Story’ that I have been wanting to enjoy ever since I moved to Bermondsey. It gets booked up ages in advance – so when we tried to book an anniversary treat in March we ended up with a Tuesday evening treat in June!

But goodness me was it worth the wait.


Story is inspired by chef Tom Sellers’ culinary career and the history of British food. It is the most delicious and quirky seasonal menu I have ever tried. Some of the combinations didn’t make sense on paper (like tomato and vanilla) but everything worked beautifully – even if sometimes confusion was my first reaction to the dish (dark chocolate and lovage I am looking at you!)

Don’t even get me started on the AMAZING collection of bowls and plates we enjoyed these artworks on. I want them all!

We started with the Foreword named ‘Snacks’. Highlights included the rabbit with pickled carrot (served on moss) and the razor clams with champagne snow. So many teeny tasty treats.


Chapter One: Tomato and vanilla, delicious – who knew?!


Chapter Two: Childhood.

This was Michelin Star comfort food and we loved it. Warm fresh bread and dripping but with a twist – your table candle, melting away all this time, was made from beef fat and acted as the dripping.


Onion and gin, their most famous dish and a thing of beauty with the dark green apple oil.


Heritage potato mash with asparagus and coal. Creamy rich yummy goodness.


Chapter Three: Sea

Lobster with lavender, pear and celeriac. I am not sure if I have ever eaten lavender before, mostly associating it with old ladies or soap – turns out floral seafood is great!


Scallops with cucumber and dill ash. Definitely one of my favourite dishes of the night.


Chapter Four: Land

Peas and whey with crispy barley. So fresh and tasty I can absolutely understand why eating seasonally is the best way to go.


Herdwick Lamb. This was a highlight for both of us. Lamb done five different ways, all as delicious as each other complimented by beautiful sauces. I would go back just for this.


Chapter Five: The End

The beginning of the end was a picnic at the table. The Cornish Blue cheese paired so well with the Gosnells Mead (from Peckham) with its strong honey base. We will definitely be picking some up from Maltby Street Market at the weekend and recreating this at home! It was a fun touch after all the fancy crockery and cutlery to be using fold out camping implements for this course.


Chocolate and lovage took a while for me to get my head around. Imagine chocolate and celery ice cream. After all the weird and wonderful pairings we had eaten so far I decided to ignore my logic, trust them and enjoy it. It absolutely worked, I don’t know how or why but it just did.


We finished on a little almond and dill number. The dill ‘snow’ was amazing with the creamy almond ice cream and toasted almond flakes. Again – doesn’t make sense on paper but it tastes incredible. Trust them.


The staff are friendly, knowledgeable and clearly very passionate about the food. For our seating at 7pm we were slightly early (too excited) so the staff to diner ratio seemed quite intense. As the night picked up, however, they were like polite little ninjas darting around clearing and serving – and all absolutely needed.

I would definitely recommend this lovely local restaurant for a treat. The menu is incredibly quirky and a feast for the eyes as well as the mouth. Just be a bit more organised than us and book way in advance.

The view isn’t too shabby either…

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