Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

There is something about the sunshine that draws British crowds to the beach in their droves. We don’t get days like last week very often, but when it is 34 degrees and you are stuck in a central London office – you can bet that everyone around you is dreaming of their weekend at the sea.

Fortuitously for us – we had planned our annual weekend in Bournemouth to visit my lovely Auntie long before the heatwave was forecast. So with advanced tickets in hand we wove our way through the throngs of people heading out of Waterloo station on Friday after work.


Saturday was glorious weather so we set up camp under the amazingly retro parasol and settled in for a brilliant day in the sun.



I love the rows of ombre beach huts all along the front, there is something so classically English about these little wooden sheds housing an array of bunting and striped deckchairs that I cannot resist photographing.


I definitely have my eye on that gorgeous teal one. Perhaps one day, if I ever have a garden, I will have a teal shed in homage to the beach huts in Bournemouth.


A much needed weekend holiday with lots of sun, ice cream and some much needed ‘vitamin sea’. Bournemouth, you are a beauty.



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Bournemouth is glorious


  2. Tanja says:

    lovely photos!


  3. Jenny says:

    Glad you love Bournemouth as much as I do!!


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